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Visit the vanished world of the early 1900's as you view this online exhibit of vintage postcards.  The cards were collected by a young girl in Iowa, mostly during 1905-1910.

All 158 cards have high-resolution scans.

History and contents

Edith Helen Potter Crose (1896-1963) collected the postcards in Iowa City, Iowa.  Her younger sister, Laura Potter Stecher (1906-1989), may have helped.  One reason the collection exists is that the adults in the family traveled widely to church meetings, sending postcards home from each city they visited.

You can read more about Edith and her interesting family.

Many cards show American public buildings, with an emphasis on churches (especially Baptist churches!), schools, and colleges.  There are cards from 27 states, with Mid-Western states (Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota) predominating.  Cards from 7 foreign countries occur too.

More information about the collection

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