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Personal web site of a programmer and mathematician from Tennessee.
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Daisyfield Music Archive.  Downloads of sheet music in Finale Music Notation, with mp3 and MIDI files. RSS feed: Latest music postings on this site

DaisyField.com Collection of American Postcards



Family collection of vintage postcards, mostly from the period 1905-1910. Many from midwestern states (Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Indiana).

Emil Witschi Emil Witschi

Emil Witschi (1890-1971), professor of zoology at the University of Iowa.

About Emil Witschi
  Life of Emil Witschi, by Sheldon J. Segal
  Emil Witschi Slide Show
  1937 Mexico Diary and Slide Show

Mexico Diary, 1937Tehuana

Diary with nearly 300 photographs from a 1937 Mexico trip by zoologist Emil Witschi.  On horseback through remote parts of Oaxaca State.  Travel on the Tehuantepec Railroad and on a banana boat.  Includes some early Kodachrome (color) slides of Mexico.

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