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Mrs. Kellam's Romp Tom Potter Guitar duet
Original composition, Nashville, 1974.
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Title: "Mrs. Kellam's Romp"



Elizabeth Kellam (1889-1979) was my landlady in Berkeley, California in the 1960's.  She and her friend Edward Nye (1889-1967), known as "Uncle Ed", lived together in a large house at 1305 Arch Street.  Mrs. Kellam rented several rooms to U. C. Berkeley students. 

Despite physical infirmities, she was a happy person and was always kind and helpful to those of us lucky enough to share her home.

I wrote the song "Mrs. Kellam's Romp" in 1974, after moving to Nashville.  I had met many outstanding classical guitarists through my participation in the Nashville Guitar Society, and this inspired me to make the song into a guitar duet.

Guitarists David Forstman and John Pell gave the first performance of "Mrs. Kellam's Romp", at a 1975 meeting of the Nashville Guitar Society.

—Tom Potter

Elizabeth Kellam and Tom Potter, 1967 Elizabeth Kellam and Tom Potter Click to enlarge (228KB)


Elizabeth Kellam and Uncle Ed with two student lodgers (Marshall Ledger and Susan Shride), 1967 Elizabeth Kellam, Edward Nye, Marshall Ledger, Susan Shride Click to enlarge (289KB)

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